HAZWOPER Site Control

HAZWOPER Site Control

What is the Purpose of HAZWOPER Site Control?

The purpose of site control is to minimize potential contamination of workers, protect the public from the site's hazards, and prevent vandalism. Site control is especially important in emergency situations. Our HAZWOPER training describes the basic components of a program to control the activities and movements of people and equipment at a hazardous waste site.

Several site control procedures can be implemented to reduce worker and public exposure to chemical, physical, biologic, and safety hazards:

• Compile a site map.
• Prepare the site for subsequent activities.
• Establish work zones.
• Use the buddy system when necessary.
• Establish and strictly enforce decontamination procedures for both personnel and equipment.
• Establish site security measures.
• Set up communication networks.
• Enforce safe work practices.

The degree of site control necessary depends on site characteristics, site size, and the surrounding community. The site control program should be established in the planning stages of a project and modified based on new information and site assessments. The appropriate sequence for implementing these measures should be determined on a site specific basis. In many cases, it will be necessary to implement several measures simultaneously.

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