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OSHA Certification and Compliance

Everything we do is centered around OSHA certification and compliance. Our years of progressive experience in the health and safety field is a tremendous benefit to you. We review documents such as the Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Register, regulatory guidance documents and interpretation letters. We then begin building a course based on good, competent, compliance knowledge. We weave this material into our modular style format, and then add our engaging multimedia functions.

Modular Training Format

Our modules are designed to present fundamentals on a particular topic in a clear and concise manner. Hazardous waste training can be a lot to absorb so we use a variety of text, next generation graphics and audio to stress key concepts. Based on feedback from clients, we have found this presentation style to be very effective at achieving compliance. You may login/logout and complete modules one at a time or finish the course in one sitting, and you are always returned to your spot when you login again.

Knowledge Checks & Quizzes

During a training course you will have knowledge reviews presented at checkpoints in modules. These reinforcements prepare you for the the quiz located at the end of each module. More importantly, it aids you in understanding the material presented. Knowledge checks and the module quiz are all multiple choice and self graded. You will know instantly where you stand and can repeat any module or quiz again if needed.

Final Certification Exam and Certificate

At the conclusion of a training course, you will have a relatively short 50 multiple choice question exam. Passing grade for the exam is 70 percent or higher. You can continue to take the exam until you pass it, and we will have prepared you well throughout the course.

When you pass the final exam, you can immediately download your professional (8x10) certificate of completion.
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